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Destination Spotlight – Transylvania | Eastern Europe Tours News
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Destination Spotlight – Transylvania

Most of the Transylvanian cities are very old settlements. Some of them we inherited from the Romans.  Each of them has a captivating story to tell to the interested traveler. Medieval towns and villages dot the countryside of Transylvania. This region of the world has seen many turbulent times, however the people of Transylvania proudly and openly welcome you to share their history, and culture.

In its early history the territory of Transylvania belonged to a variety of empires and states, but between the 10th and 12th centuries A.D., it was slowly conquered by the Magyar tribes, during a period of 300 years.

Black Church - Brasov Private Guide TourEven today, when passing through Hungary on the way to Romania one becomes aware of the different versions of history the two countries when it comes to establishing the rightful owner of Transylvania. As a result of the different influences which have left marks on both Romania’s history and its territory, each region is a new insight into the country’s past due to the various traditions, customs, architectural styles and forms of speech. By uniting Transylvania with Moldova and Walachia in 1918, the puzzle was finally solved. Although each province is renowned for significant cultural attractions, Transylvania has the advantage of being the heart of the country and therefore the key puzzle piece.

Romania Tours ~ Biertan Fortified ChurchOne cannot overlook the influence of the Saxons who were brought to Transylvania by King Geza II of Hungary in the 12th century in order to settle and defend the province. Besides playing a leading economic role in Transylvania they left a valuable heritage consisting in fortified churches and the Saxon villages remain an attraction to this day; Biertan, Harman, Rupea and Viscri being just a few.

Sighisoara Birthplace of Dracula Transylvania TourMoreover Transylvania is the birth place of Vlad Tepes and a fabulous county which one has to visit in order to acknowledge that it exists in reality. Many Dracula fans descend on Transylvania in search of the famous Prince/vampire; Vlad Tepes. Considered a hero to some, and a villain to others, Vlad Tepes was the Prince of Walachia, and a defiant defender of Christian beliefs against the Turks. The history and story of Vlad Tepes inspired Bram Stoker to base his novel Dracula, on this Prince whose reputation of a cruel, cold blooded, driven ruler, often referred to as ..the Devil” transformed him into the modern myth of a vampire. Legends and rumors vary from region to region on the subject of Vlad and Dracula; however the legend lives on; come see for yourself, and let your imagination run wild!