Shore Excursions From Constanta, Romania On The Black Sea


If you are coming in on one of the many cruise lines that have recently been diverted from the Crimean region of the Ukraine you will not be disappointed with
the day trip options from Constanta while you are at port.

The city of Constanta is the oldest inhabited in Romania and offers the tourist many sites to enjoy. The National Museum of History and Archeology, the Great Mosque Mahmudia II, the Statue of Ovidius, the Genovese Lighthouse and the Roman edifice are just a few of the highlights awaiting your arrival.

Join on on several day tour shore excursions from the port including the ancient ruins of Histria; the ancient Greek City. You may also be interested in taking a day trip to the Capital City of Bucharest once nicknamed “Paris of the East”

If you are part of a group we can also tour over to world famous Murfatlar Vineyard for a wine tasting and tour of one of Romania’s best known wines.

Wherever your interests may lie, rest assured Constanta and the surrounding area will satisfy even the most experienced traveler.

Contact us here for more information and shore excursion options.

We look forward to welcoming you to sunny Constanta!

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