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The Real Dracula Halloween Tour | Eastern Europe Tours News
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The Real Dracula Halloween Tour – Truth and Myth of the Legend of Vlad Tepes


Dracula Halloween Tour in Romania

Do you want to spend Halloween Night in a Medieval Haunted Castle in Transylvania? Do you want to have an private visit and event at Bran Castle, during the evening?
What a better way to celebrate Halloween than the home land of Vlad “the Impaler” or better known as Dracula. We have prepared a special tour for this event to trace the foots steps of the “Real Dracula”. Travel with your specialist tour guide to ancient residents of this phenomenon where Vlad use to dwell. Discover the truth and the myth of this unique legend. We have also included importantDracula Halloween Tour in Romania elements of Romanian history on this tour.

We will start of in Bucharest where you will be met by your English speaking tour guide at the international airport.

Dracula Halloween Tour in RomaniaThe next day we are off to Poenari Castle, which is referred to as the real Dracula Castle. Now in ruins this castle sits on a cliff which demands a hike up the 1,400 stairs to reach the top. This is where the famous scene took place when Dracula’s wife flung herself from the window into the murk waters opting death over being captured by the Turks. It is said that Vlad escaped by horse back through the mountain during this ferocious attack.

Dracula Halloween Tour in Romania

Then onto Hunedoara where we spend Halloween night in a haunted Castle in the home of Dracula – Transylvania !!
We have exclusive use of the Castle this evening to offer you this once in a lifetime chance to party on Halloween in one of Europe’s most Medieval settings!

The next morning off to Sighisoara, the birth place of Dracula. This ancient citadel is among one of the only still inhabited in Europe.
. Dracula Halloween Tour in Romania

The next morning we will head to Bran Castle, often referred to as “Dracula Castle”. Although in history it is said he may have set foot in the residence once during a siege of the castle. Despite these allegations this is one of the most picturesque castles in the country. Built by the Saxons in 1300’s in a setting surrounded by forest and hills.

Lastly but not least is a visit to Snagov Monastery, where they say the Dracula Halloween Tour in Romaniatomb of Dracula lays. Vlad’s murder is believed to have occurred in the forests nearby, where the monks took the his body, since both Vlad and his father had both given money to the monastery.

Your specialist tour guide will assure that all the elements of Halloween be included on this tour from start to finish. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to discover the myth and the truth of the “Legend of Dracula” in mythical Romania

Halloween with Dracula in his Homeland of Transylvania!!!

Day by Day Itinerary:

Day 1: Monday, October 29th
– Pick up from Bucharest airport and transfer to the hotel
– Welcome dinner near the princley court built by Vlad Tepes
ACCOMMODATION: Golden Tulip Hotel ****


Day 2: Tuesday, October 30th
– Breakfast in Hotel
– In the morning we will depart for Curtea de Arges – the former second capital of Wallachia. The strongholds rebuilt in the 14th century
– See its Princely Church and its frescoed interior which is one of the first examples of Romanian paintings. The Episcopal Church (the monastery) which is a recreation of the original built in 1512 -1517 by prince Neagoe Basarab (rebuilt in 1875 – 1885) and Olari Church.
– then finally reaching POIENARI CASTLE; standing on a cliff but know in ruins this is known as the real castle of Dracula (Vlad Tepes). To get to the top you must climb up its 1400 steps (takes approx. 45 minutes)
– Once you arrive to the top of the Citadel you will find that the citadel is surprisingly small, one third has collapsed down the mountainside in 1888. Entering through a narrow wooden bridge, you come across the crumbling remains of two towers within; the prism shaped one was Vlad’s ( Dracula’s) residential quarters, from here, according to the legend , The Impaler’s wife flung herself out from the window, declaring that better this way than be captured by the Turks, who were besieging the castle. Legend has it that Vlad himself escaped over the mountains on horseback.
– Evening and Dinner on your own
– Overnight in Sibiu
ACCOMMODATION: Ramada Hotel ****

Day 3: Wednesday, October 31st
– Breakfast in Hotel
– Start in the morning with a visit of the Old District. Sibiu is one of the most important fortified towns in Transylvania. The city is reminiscent of old European cities such as Nuremburg and it was founded in 1190 and grew to be the chief city of the Transylvanian Saxons. This amazing town, with the “Old Town” (The Big Square, the Small Square, the Ursuline Church, The Franciscan Church, The staircase Tower, the Tanners Tower, the Lier’s Bridge , the House of the Butcher’s Guild and last but not least with the amazing Bruckenthal Museum) is a gorgeous place to see.
– Then on to Alba Iulia. Having its origins back in 2nd century from Roman time, the city of Alba Iulia offers a journey through the history of Transylvania from ancient times to medieval and modern days. We’ll visit the ruins of the Roman town, the medieval fortifications, the modern fortifications made in Vauban style, the Cathoilc Cathedral – the oldest from Transylvania and the Reunion Cathedral which commemorates the Union of all Romanian provinces in a single country.
– In the afternoon arrive at Hunedoara.
– Check in the hotel and get ready for the amazing party at Hunyad’s Castle, the residence of the brave Transylvanian Governor – John Hunyad (Iancu de Hunedoara). The castle built in XV century is the biggest medieval castle from Romania and it’s also considered one of the most haunted places from Europe. Rumor has it the famous Vlad Tepes spent time here as a prisoner in the Castle

Halloween Party!!!

Are you ready to spend Halloween night in a very old medieval castle? Get ready to fit in the medieval atmosphere full of mystical legends. The 15th century castle is ready to host you this night and reveal to you its history and hidden secrets.
– As soon as you’ll pass the entrance gate you’ll be in a medieval world and get ready to experience it. Remember that medieval means old customs, old music, old legends and mysticism.
– During the dinner enjoy Romanian cuisine, an outdoor barbeque as well as live medieval and Romanian folk music and dancers. The special shows of medieval knights, lights and sounds will complete the evening.
– At midnight Count Dracula will invite you to his wedding – To decline is not an option.  Participate in this special show and then party all night.
– But remember, it is Halloween night and Hunyad’s Castle is one of the most haunted places from Europe, a place where nobody dare to spend the night alone. So the ghosts and spirits may join us during the night. Don’t get lost in the castle! Don’t go behind the locked doors! Don’t disturb the spirits! Otherwise…….
ACCOMMODATION: Hotel Rusca ***
B, D

Day 4: Thursday, November 1st
– For those of you who survive – Breakfast in Hotel
– For those of you who do not – well…..Happy Haunting! ( and please give Dracula our regards … refunds )
– At 10.30 hours we’ll leave from Hunedoara on the route to Alba Iulia, a city with long history dating since the ancient times. Visit the Orthodox Cathedral, Catholic Cathedral, the fortification system built in “Vauban” style.
– Lunch will be served in a arranged in an old bastion with medieval thematic style.
– In the evening arrive at Sighisoara. Also called “The Pearl of Transylvania” the old medieval city is included in the UNESCO’s Word Heritage. The Old Town or the Citadel is the only one still inhabited in Europe – a lost world and still so at the present!
– Overnight in Sighisoara
ACCOMMODATION: Sighisoara Hotel ***

Day 5: Friday, November 2nd
– Breakfast
– In the morning (aprox 9.00hrs) we’ll start an outdoor visit of Sighisoara old citadel (old town). In 1431, the storey house at Museum Square 6, within the shadow of the old town’s Clock Tower, a women whose name is lost to posterity gave birth to a son called Vlad, who in later life earned the title of The Impaler , abroad better known as Dracula, derived from Dracul or the Devil – referring to his father Vlad Dracul, whom the Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund of Hungary made a knight of the order of The Dargon in 1431.
– The Clock Tower, the Church on the Hill, the Scholar’s Stairs, The Monastery Church, the towers of the citadel (originally fourteen), The Shoemakers Town, the Tailor’s Tower, the Tinsmiths Tower are only a few of the marvels of this place called Sighisoara.
– Arrival and  Tour of the magic medieval center of Brasov. The city of Brasov is one of the oldest in Europe, dating from 1235. During the Middle Ages, Brasov was known as a powerful fortress surrounded by high stone walls and defended by bulwarks, towers and other small fortresses. The buildings and the streets in the historical centre still preserve a medieval note. Council Square, Black Church, White and Black Towers, Weaver’s Bastion and Ecaterina’s Gate are the tour highlights. – Lunch will be served in a restaurant along the route.
– At 18.00 we’ll depart on the way to Bran where you’ll be invited for a Special Event at Bran Castle in the evening. We’ll have a private visit (exclusively for the members of our groups) after visiting hours, in the most famous castle from Romania followed by a wine tasting (Bran Castle’s wine) and a themed show.
– Farewell Dinner at the Queen Maria Tea House situated next to the castle
– Overnight in Bran
Hotel Wolf****

Day 6: Saturday, November 3rd
– Breakfast
– We then depart for Snagov monastery, situated on the island of the lake with the same name.
– Visitors come here to seek the tomb of Dracula sitting in the front of the church altar.
– Vlad’s murder is believed to have occurred in the forests nearby, where the monks took the his body, since both Vlad and his father had both given money to the monastery.
– In the afternoon we arrive in Bucharest.
– Panoramic tour of the city. During the tour you’ll have the chance to see the most important sights of the Romanian Capital, such as: Triumph Arch, Victory Square, Magheru Avenue (commercial street), Royal Palace (nowadays the seat of National Art Museum), Athenaeum, Revolution Square, Calea Victoriei Avenue, Unirii Square, Parliament Palace, a “giant” built during the “golden age” of the dictatorial regime and born in the mind of a man for whom the notion of “reasonable size” did not exist. The Guinness Book of World Records lists the building in second place according to its 330,000 sq.m. surface.
– Drop off at Bucharest airport at approx. 13:00 or a downtown location


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